No Love - No Hate

by The Puddle

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released October 1, 2007

Recorded and mixed by Ian Henderson at Fishrider Studio, Dunedin, New Zealand. Mastered by Thomas Bell.



all rights reserved


The Puddle Dunedin, New Zealand

With their 1986 – 93 Flying Nun Records catalogue long
out of print, The Puddle finally re-emerged in 2006 with 4 acclaimed albums released on Fishrider Records.
The Puddle have always been the most stubbornly underground of the bands associated with the
Flying Nun imprint. Their debut Pop Lib was recently included in SPIN magazine’s list of the best Kiwi pop releases alongside The Clean.
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Track Name: No Sequels
No Sequels Though I run from all sequellae/ Still your sweet face keeps arriving like the King's head/ All my reveries interrupted/ And my sleep and dreams disrupted by your nuisance/ To a mind obsessed by lyrics/ Of the memories and the traces of your presence/ You should be here/ You should come near/ Just to see the things you've done and take some credit/ You were such a charmer on my arm/ I never thought I'd have to do without you/ But you sold yourself to no-one else/ Without so much as asking my "How-d'you-do?"/ Now I don't want to know/ to read to show/ To call you up and tell you what you're thinking/ Because I could be wrong/ That has been known/ And we won't know for sure/ Until the sequel/ Who thought such bliss could come to this/ That ignorance would come to seem enlightened?/ You just took your turn to burn me up/ To turn me on and leave me unenlightened/ Now I don't want to hear about him dear/ But I don't want to spend another night in/ I'm on my own/ It seems I've smashed the phone/ But in my dreams I see you wrapped up/ Like the Pythoness you are.
Track Name: I've Lost My Way in This World
I've Lost my Way in this World I've lost my way in this world/ where other people know their ways about/ I can't get out/ they're passing me by/ I've lost my way in this world/ I've lost my way in this world/ like a soapy bubble floating high/ above the rooftops/ free for a while/ I've lost my way in this world/ I've lost my way in this world
to find myself in dark and frightening woods/ where the right way/ is all lost and gone/ I've lost my way in this world/ I've lost my way in this world/ I just can't tell the oyster from the pearl/ like you can girl/ from up on the shell/ I've lost my way in this world/ I've lost my way in this world/ and shocking to confess/ I just don't care/ I don't despair
what good would that do/ No, what good would that do?/ it's not all about you/ I've lost my way in this world
Track Name: Hudibras
Hudibras Sheepishly we asked our way/ In the grim light of the morning/ We come from aristocracies/ Not the homes that we were born in/ Looking for a hand-drawn sign/ on an ill-made street/ One that bad design left incomplete/ We drank and told our favourite jokes/ To the people we were courting/ They seemed impressed, they had some laughs/ They promised they would vote/ In time to set us free/ to the life we lead/ With a cup of tea/ and the kind of love we need/ Your idol gay had feet of clay/ But you did not need to wash them/ He raised a shout/ they rushed us out/ In a cloud of vain expostulations/ Looking up from a stone-strewn street/ We still could not recognise defeat/ While life was sweet/ Who would "Spare the rod and spoil the child"/ If they knew that boy was Cupid?/ His heart numbed by ill-bred scum/ And the children of the stupid/ Stupid arts and stupid face/ Coming from a stupid place/ It's much too late to liberate him now.
Track Name: The Sorry Bus
The Sorry Bus I am as sorry as a bus/ I have been bad/ I am the weakest link of us/ I don't want to argue/ Compare points of view/ I just want a bus that will say/ One word to you/ 'Cos I'm sorry/ I'm sorry like a bus/ Girl I'm sorry/ I am sorry like a bus/ A bus full of chocolate and flowers/ A bus full of sweet sweet nothings/ and sultry summer showers/ I'm sorry I hurt you/ you did nothing wrong/ I just want a bus to beg you to let me back on/ 'Cos I'm sorry/ I'm sorry like a bus/ Oh girl I'm sorry/ I am sorry like a bus/ I’m not going to hurt you/ You did nothing wrong/ I just want a bus to beg you/ To let me back on.
Track Name: Back Before You Came
Back Before You Came There were birds in the trees/ but I never heard them singing/ I had nobody to show birds to back then/ There were bells in the towers but I never heard them ringing/ I did not feel much like singing up till now/ There was snow on the ground/ but I never went out walking/ Because what's the good of talking to some snow?/ Then the rains came and fell/ and the sunlight beamed and glistened/ Yet I never even listened to one drop/ And your smiles and your wiles/ they are not wasted on the ether/ You have such a strong believer on the line/ Pull me in, pull me up, pull me off, and pull me over/ You could take a better lover for all time/ What he meant what she meant/ were not quite in agreement/ But the wars between the sexes are all won/ And the casualties still lying/ where they fell have all stopped crying/ And agreed to drink some water from your mouth/ Don't ever change/ why tamper with perfection?/ I still turn in your direction when I pray/ Life is too short and it always ends badly/ Let us love each other madly while we may
Track Name: Home is Where
Home Is Where Home is where the heart is/ Mine is where my lover lives/ And I don’t know where she’ll take me / But I know I’ve got to go, go, go/ Baby when you stand next to me/ I get a fever of a hundred and three/ I need to hold you/ Till my temperature goes down, down, down/ I would sail around the world/ Just to find the right kind of girl for me/ And all along she’d sit/ And watch me sailing by, by, by/ I would do all kinds of things for you/ How sweet the caged bird sings/ And I would lull you/ With a lulling lullaby, by, by
Track Name: Love in Blues Minor
Love in Blues Minor I'm not as rich as some/ but what I have is all for you/ I'm not as rich as some girl/ but what I've got, it's all for you/ There's nothing I've got I wouldn't give you/ nothing I could do for you that I would not do/ My heart ain't worth much girl/ but I lay it at your feet/ My heart ain't worth much/ but I lay it at your feet/ Your tongue is sharp and bitter/ but your kiss is hot and sweet/ Love it is a virtue/ lust it is a sin/ Love it is a virtue/ lust, I've read, is a cardinal sin/ Yet every time I take it out/ I just want to put it right back in/ Right back baby/ back into your heart/ Right back baby, back into your loving heart/ You know that I can't stop/ yet you're asking me when I can start.
Track Name: The Beast Within
The Beast Within The letters that you sent me/ I read them night by night/ They said you're lovable and plausible/ They didn't say you might/ The pictures that you posted/ I pinned up below the light/ The girl they show's a beauty/ Surely girls like that don't bite?/ but you cannot suppress the savage creature/ The beast within will out/ Zoologists and hunters/ Who catch and study you/ They cannot give a single reason/ For just one thing that you do/ The lovers you discarded/ Sit and drink with me all night/ They tell me you are impossible/ They try to put me right/ Because you cannot suppress the savage creature/ The beast within will out/ You promised to reform me/ And absolve me of all sin/ I knew there had to be a price to pay/ And I'd find out further in/ Because you cannot suppress the savage creature inside/ Oh, the beast within/ You cannot suppress the savage creature inside/ The beast within will out.